Charity Work

Leesburg Police Department Donates Bicycles

January 8, 2021: Leesburg Police Officer J. Carter unloads a truckload of bicycles for donation to Maverick Charities. The donated bikes will now be processed and fixed up by the service staff at Maverick Bikes & Cafe for distribution to the programs connected to Maverick Charities. The bicycles were in storage at Leesburg PD, unclaimed and abandoned. If you have any old unwanted bicycles please bring them to Maverick Bikes & Cafe (32C Catoctin Circle SE) for donation to the many programs the shop is running. Maverick Bikes & Cafe is a non-profit whose mission is community support and donations are tax deductible. 

LCPS Congestion Must Go Program

Maverick Charities, Maverick Bikes & Cafe and Loudoun County Public School System

January 05, 2021: Loudoun County Public Schools employees Cecil Elkins and Larry Frye, seen here loading bicycles for the “Congestion Must Go” program January 05, 2012 from Maverick Bikes and Cafe.

During this second phase, thirty-six bikes were donated by Maverick Charities to the program with all repairs completed by the Maverick Bikes & Cafe staff.

To date, Maverick Charities has donated 62 bicycles, lights, and locks with a total value of $10,921.96 to Congestion Must Go.

The program is a partnership between Maverick Charities, Maverick Bikes & Cafe and Loudoun County Public School System. 

Helmets and sling packs were provided by Doug Landau of the Landau Law Firm in Herndon through a matching grant with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

The program will continue to provide bikes to children in need and the community can help.  With families at home there has been an abundance of “spring cleaning” throughout the year, and  donations of unused bikes are welcome.  

Bikes can be brought to Maverick Bikes & Cafe (32C Catoctin Circle, SE) for donation to the many programs the shop is running. Maverick Bikes & Cafe is a non-profit whose mission is community support and donations are tax deductible. 

Maverick Charities and Maverick Bikes & Cafe would like to make a special thanks to Gary Moon of Maverick Bikes & Cafe for managing the repair of these bikes. There are 62 happy children due to your hard work.

To our patrons, without your generous donations none of this would have been possible.

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Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources

Maverick Bikes & Cafe has partnered with Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources which has offices in Fairfax, Leesburg and Manassas to get clients on bikes so that they may keep their jobs.  

Brandon Cosby, Director of Development at OAR poses for a photo with Gary Moon of Maverick Bikes & Cafe during a bike pick up through Maverick Charities. This is a wonderful relationship with AOR and makes us all feel good about giving folks a second chance at turning things around in 2021.

OAR rebuilds lives and breaks the cycle of crime with opportunities, alternatives, and resources for justice-involved individuals and their families to create a safer community. Your support with bicycle donations is an important part of our success! Maverick Bikes has begun our donation work for OAR ex-offender clients with great success but we need your help. If you have some interest in this idea, please let us know or you can just donate your old bike at our store in Leesburg.  Cash donations earmarked for this program are also welcomed. Please feel free to check out OARs website below to see the great work they are doing over their 40 year history in helping clients reach their full potential.

Ampersand Pantry Project

We are an official drop off point supporting the Ampersand Pantry Project which is an ongoing 24-7 charity food drive for our shop. Products for drop off are shelf-stable food and also personal hygiene products. The drop off station is located at the front door of our shop.

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