A brisk ride with the old pro!!

Saturday’s at 7:30

(Photo By Douglas Graham)

A brisk ride with the old pro Nigel Chinemilly!! Starting this Saturday at 7:30 leaving from our parking lot at Maverick Bikes. Nigel will be headed out for a 20 to 30 mile ride. After the ride you can enjoy refreshments at our Cafe.

These rides while fast are controlled and fun for our more advanced cyclist.

My rides are set to build you up to be a fast and efficient rider. Since there are few to no races on schedule for 2020 training should be more like Fall season where we ride in Zone 2 and sometimes into Zone 3&4 for 10-20% of the ride only. That being said the rides can be 30- 50 miles or like 2- 3 ½ hours of total riding on Saturdays, starting 7-8am to beat the weather conditions and other cyclist. All rides unless listed are departing from Maverick Bikes & Cafe. On Wednesday we can also schedule evening rides starting 5pm and will be 1 ½ to 2 hrs. and mix gravel/ road and some days road only. Roads bikes and slicks regardless of road surface are best for these rides. Work on sprinting on Tuesday or Thursday depending on weather conditions. Also doing rides on Sunday morning departing at 6:30 -7 for 1½ hour 50% tempo or fixed gear bike.

I also ride with my 11-year boy at least twice per week other kids are welcome to join and normally start from the trail in Purcellville if any interest please let the folks at the shop know. We can tweak the rides to accommodate other riders’ levels and strengths if needed. Or maybe organize some clinics or hear from other riders on what goals they might have in mind moving forward for the next season.

Looking forward to meeting some new riders and also to see some old familiar faces.

RSVP 703-777-6126.

1725 Gravel Grinder to Benefit America’s Routes

Because of COVID 19 the new date is now Oct 25, 2020 / Salamander Resort & Spa / 500 N Pendleton St, Middleburg


Oct 25, 2020 / Salamander Resort & Spa / 500 N Pendleton St, MiddleburgInspired by the growing effort to save Loudoun County Virginia’s network of historic gravel roads from being paved over, EX2 Adventures, a local event production company, has created an endurance cycling event called the Loudoun 1725 Gravel Grinder.  Scheduled for June 14, 2020, this event will showcase this dwindling, priceless treasure that was featured in a December 2018 EMMY Award winning story “The Long Road Home” by Douglas Graham of America’s Routes and Jay Korff of WJLA/ABC7 news.

The Loudoun 1725 Gravel Grinder is a scenic bike ride along historic gravel roads in Northern Virginia. Located east of the Blue Ridge, in lush Loudoun Valley, these crushed rock roadways meander through awe inspiring beauty, past stone walls, grand estates, horse farms, wineries, bubbling creeks, tiny hamlets, and significant historical sites. Riding these roads is a sublime experience – like stepping back in time and cycling through history. With over 300 miles of gravel road dating back to the early 1700s, Loudoun County Virginia boasts the largest and oldest intact network of gravel roads in the United States. When settlement in this area officially began in the year 1725, these roads were first used by mills and farms to get goods to market and by settlers to get to town and church. Today these special routes are used by residents, farmers, visitors, equestrians, and cyclists.

The bridge over Panther Skin Creek on Greengarden Road in Western Loudoun County.

The event will start and finish at Salamander Resort in the quaint town of Middleburg.  Salamander is a perfect setting for the event, with plentiful amenities, huge parking areas, and a gorgeous staging area.  From Salamander, riders will embark along a 40, 60, or 80-mile route.  The ride will be fully marked and supported, with well stocked rest stops, mechanical and SAG support, and great post-ride food and beverages.To help preserve Loudoun’s unique and precious gravel roads, 5% of gross ride funds received will be donated to America’s Routes, a group that is advocating to save these historic rural roads from being paved over by development.  Riders may donate additional funds during registration.

For more information, please contact Andy Bacon at , email andy@ex2adventures.com or visit the EX2 Adventures website at www.ex2adventures.com.

Casual Rides for Fun and Exercise

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