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Maverick Bikes & Cafe features the most experienced and qualified technicians in the area.  We service and repair every type of bicycle, all makes and models, regardless of age quality or condition.

  Ranging from basic kid’s bikes and department store bikes to workhorse commuter bikes to vintage antique bikes and all the way to the most modern and advanced pro-level machines on the market we provide the best available services.

We feature the quickest repair turn around time in the region so whether you choose to walk in with your bike or schedule an appointment it is our priority to get you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Free on-the-spot comprehensive estimates and recommendations when you bring your bike in to our shop so you leave knowing what to expect and what it will cost.
Maverick Bikes & Cafe features the largest inventory of service parts and components for all types of bikes to help you get back on the road or trails fast.

To help you save money and time we offer a full range of services from A-la-carte adjustments and flat repairs on-the-spot and while you wait to preventative maintenance work to full tune-up packages and custom builds.

We only hand-clean our bikes without water only using the highest quality and eco-friendly cleaners, polishes and lubes. Often a bike gets tuned in the repair stand but is not ridden after the work is complete. Every bike gets a test ride to guarantee it works as well when you ride it and offers us more time for checks and balances of our work.

Tire/tube installation $15 per wheel
A-la-carte adjustments $20 each

Safety Check

Comprehensive inspection of entire bike and all components
All bolts and components properly positioned and torqued
Basic adjustments to brakes and drivetrain to ensure a safe functioning bicycle

Kid’s bike/Single-speed Safety Check    $50
Multi-speed bike Safety Check              $75

Basic Tune Up

Covers full safety check plus the following:
-Thorough cleaning of entire bike and components
-Lubrication of chain, cables, and components as needed
-Adjustment of hub, bottom bracket, and headset bearings
-Wheel truing, tire seating and inflation
-Fine-tuning of brake adjustments
-Fine-tuning of derailleur adjustments and dropout alignment
-Thorough test ride to guarantee quiet, smooth, and accurate performance in real-world conditions

Basic Tune Up Kid’s bike/Single-speed   $75
Basic Tune Up Multi-speed bike.            $125

Major Tune Up $225.00

Covers all work performed in the Basic Tune Up plus the following:
-Highest level of cleaning and detailing the complete bicycle and all of its components
-Replacement of worn-out or damaged components such as cables and housing, tubes and tires, brake pads, drivetrain parts, grips or bar tape, etc.
*Price of parts and components not included (better way to word that?)


Major Overhaul $300.00

Overhaul-Restoration $350.00

The works- a complete disassembly of the entire bicycle and all of its components.  Every element of the bike is serviced and rebuilt to restore the machine to as close to new condition as possible
*Price of parts and components not included


Custom Frame-up Build

Piece-by-piece assembly of a new or used bike using parts supplied by you or sourced by us to create your dream machine.  Includes complete fine-tuning and test ride as well as 1 year of free break-in related adjustments

Custom Frame-up Build   $325.00 and up

New Bike Assembly $100.00

Boxed bike for shipping $100.00 (includes packing materials)

Professional assembly, fine-tuning, and test ride of a new bike out of the box purchased elsewhere


Preventative Maintenance

Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication   $30

Complete bicycle cleaning and lubrication    $50

Specialty Services

Custom wheel build 

Hand-built custom wheel crafted with the highest degree of precision and attention to detail.  All wheels built using spoke tensionometer, recommended spoke thread preparations and built to exact manufacturer’s specifications.  

                                                      $120 per wheel

Suspension service and rebuild.   

In-house service and rebuilding of forks and shocks from most major suspension manufacturers.  Only recommended and highest grade suspension oils and components used.
                                                         $150 and up

Specialty Labor

From diagnostic work on complex electronic drivetrains or electric bikes to re-aligning bent steel frames and forks to custom-mounting parts and accessories we do it all. We also offer special services for disabled and special needs riders for fit and also special set-ups and fabrication of components to make it safe and right for each rider.

                                                          $60 per 1/2 hour

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